Once bitten…

So, long time no post. I thought that maybe once I was home I’d have more time to watch baseball and develop opinions, but I get in about two innings a game thanks to a full time job and a part time one in the swimming pool. But I did get to see the entire weekend series with the D-Backs, Friday at Minute Maid Park, even.

I knew, going into Friday’s game, that we would probably not win. Webb has had our number since at least ’04 (first game i can remember him facing us – it was my first in-person game of the year and it was a loss, but I was just so glad to be there that it wasn’t such a big deal). So, 1-3 loss, no biggie. My fantasy team was happy about the loss, since Webb is supposed to be my ace (as well as Arizona’s) and he hasn’t exactly been ace material this season. The K count definitely hurt the guys, but other than Pence’s first MLB steal it wasn’t an especially memorable game. Sampson was okay but not great, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Saturday’s game…the offensive rout, 10-4. 4 guys with homeruns, Lamb’s fifth multi-hit game in only seven starts, Roy’s 6th win – just a really good game. I was not happy with Pence waving off Scott and dropping the flyball, but his going 3-4 made up for it, I guess. Like the FSN guys said, of course Pence is still a little wet behind the ears.

Today’s game, 5-2. We finally pulled out a rubber game win! Apparently we don’t do that often, and I figured so, because for every Saturday game we win (and in quite dramatic fashion, usually), we usually lose the following Sunday. But we won this one, thanks to timely hitting. Wandy pitched a fairly good game, and even though his pitch count had been fairly high after 5, I’m glad Garner got him out before he could find some way to blow the lead. Which might have happened, who knows. I’m a little vexed over the fact that Wheels likes to give up homers every time he comes in, but Lidge and Qualls did so well today that it’s really not a big deal. Right now, anyway. The pink bats were great, too…

Jack Cust (this season’s Chris Shelton, perhaps?) hit a three-run walk off today to give the A’s a 10-7 win over Cleveland. Nelson Cruz hit a walk-off homer for the Rangers to beat the Angels. If the Twins keep up their whipping of the Tigers pitching staff, they’ll have a win too. That a way, boys. Taylor Buchholz (oh how I miss him. Seriously.) got killed today, but the Rockies aren’t one of my teams so I’m not that sad. I’m beginning to notice that I have lots of teams in the AL, but only the Astros in the NL. Makes sense, but still, kind of funny.

Lastly, just how awesome is the name Boof Bonser?


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