Chik-Fil-A for All…

For me, the Giants are one of those teams that for 154 games in the regular season, they don’t cross my mind at all. I’m surprisingly good at forgetting Bonds is a Giant (but I don’t want to get into that conversation), and most of the other guys are completely forgettable players, except for Vizquel, who is continually stealing the Gold Glove from Everett (another conversation I won’t get into).

The Cardinals, the Mets, the Braves…when someone asks me which teams I "dislike", those immediately come to mind. It’s only when the Giants come to Houston that I remember that I dislike the Giants. Greatly.

Like the first series I ever watched closely, the opening series against the Giants in ’04. They beat Roy, they beat Andy (and somehow managed to injure him, too…just kidding, just kidding…), and (of course) Roger came out victorious. It was a fairly close series, no crazy scoring, but still, they won the series. I can’t recall the ’05 games, but ’06, oh man. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of fans blocked the series from their memory, but they outscored us by at least 8 every single game. This series was where I officially decided that BrettnDave were amazing – they made me laugh so hard, talking about silly things, that I decided that it wasn’t so bad that they were losing, awfully.

Guys like Randy Winn and Pedro Feliz, who aren’t usually amazing players, seem to be right at home in Minute Maid, given their numbers there. It kills me, to sum this Giants manifesto up.

Anyway, tonight’s game! Woody hit a homer, and he pitched well for the first five innings. Lee is no doubt the offensive player of the game with his walk-off homer, and had a pretty good (and humorous?) defensive play in the 8th, keeping Durham on third. Hunter Pence is doing a very good job of making me not hate him, with his game tying homer (giving everyone in the stadium a free chik-fil-a sandwich, too). It’s not that I don’t like him – I find him quite endearing, actually – but I just have trouble reminding myself that Burke is not a centerfielder and that his time will come next year. It just seems like he’s earned a spot on the big club. So, another point for Pence.

Okay, it is bedtime for me. El Caballo, you rock for ending this game in (only) the 10th! Astros at .500! Yesssss.


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