The Conflicted Fan

Ends up, being both an Astros fan and a Rangers "appreciator" at a Rangers/Astros game is kind of difficult. I’d been debating for the past few days how I should represent my loyalties, clothing-wise, and came to the not-so-scientific solution of an Astros hat, my new Kinsler t-shirt (because Kinsler=awesomeness) and a Berkman jersey in case I had to prove my Astros obsessiveness. Turns out I did – stood in the sun for autographs (thanks Chris Sampson!). On top of the Kinsler shirt, I rocked royal blue high socks in his honor. In closing, I looked pretty darn cool, haha.

Main points – I bet a lot of the people around me were really confused by my actions. Kinsler got my applause for his singles, then Wandy and Lidge did when they got him out. When CJ and his blue glove came in, I just rocked back and forth, my stomach in knots, not sure if I wanted him to strike Lance out or if I wanted Lance to hit a grand slam. I swore I was going to throw up no matter what happened. I was really happy with Wilson’s quick seventh. But other than Ian’s at-bats and Wilson’s non-pressurefilled inning, it was all Astros for me. All in all, a good game.

Random comments – While waiting years for one of the pitchers to get around to signing by my brother and I, I watched the Rangers ‘pen do sprints. Saw CJ messing around with his ‘hawk…. I wish I knew why I dislike Hunter Pence so much (yeah, so i’m a fickle fan when it comes to him. i’ll admit it.). I really liked him when he was in Double A. Somewhere between then and now, something happened that ticked me off. Either way, I was very pissed tonight when he took the pop fly that Lane had OBVIOUSLY called. That was an unnecessary move. So what if he drives in runs; he’s not playing smart defense at all. All the homers that cheer for him at the games make me so mad. I’ll admit it – I cheered when CJ got him to end the sixth… (also, in general, Pence is really antsy in the outfield. I counted him messing with his uniform at least three times per pitch, and stretching on top of that.) Has anyone else noticed that the wave is BAD LUCK?! So, we get the bases loaded, and of course, that’s when the crowd gets the effing wave going. And then Ausmus grounds into a double play. Yes, Ausmus often does that, but STILL. Can’t we learn from our mistakes and NEVER DO THE WAVE AGAIN? Thanks.

High point of the game – as I was leaving, some of the Caballitos passed by and pointed at me and my Rangers shirt and said "we’ll see you tomorrow!" like I represented all of Rangers nation or something. It was amusing, since I’m not really an Rangers fan and it made me feel pretty special, too.

I’m really excited about the wives softball game tomorrow. Oh yeah, and the guys’ game, too, I guess…let’s go, Woody!


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    The thing with that Lane/Pence mixup is this: I was sitting two rows behind the play, and both Lane and Pence called it. Lane didn’t hear him, I think, so he went after it, but as the center fielder, Pence gets priority whenever he makes a call, which is why Lane backed off a little. Jason even admitted on the post-game radio show that Pence did call it and thus got priority.

    It was really confusing at first, because I knew both guys had called the play, so I figured one of them must not have heard the other one, or something.

    And Hunter Pence is fantastically fun to watch. He’s like a kid getting to play baseball for a living and doesn’t quite believe that he’s doing it, like he might be dreaming. In center, every time someone would call out his name, he would sheepishly smile, droop his head a bit, and then wave back to them. And I mean EVERY TIME, throughout the game. He’s great to watch and there’s no doubt he’s added some excitement to the team, and he’s also hitting great.

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