down on the farm, etc.

So, I’ve found a definite positive about sporadic posts: if I’d been keeping this blog up better, everyone would have seen just how pathetically in love I [am] with Morgan Ensberg as a ballplayer and how angry I was with Purpura for the DFA. But since I haven’t been, no one did. Now I am at peace with it, but for a while, I was heartbroken. I still don’t like Ty Wigginton very much, except for the ‘he’s on my fantasy team’ thing.

Anyway, last week I went to Corpus Christi and saw a few Hooks games, the Backe rehab game being one of them. I really like Tommy Manzella (the next Adam Everett) and J.R. Towles, who was just promoted to Round Rock last week. I’d be very pleased if he was a September call-up. I always love going to minor league games, because there are less people, you’re closer to the game, and it’s just…more fun.

West coast game tonight…Oswalt vs. Chad Billingsley. Me vs. Alyssa Milano (hahaha jk jk. Besides, she could probably beat me in almost anything.) I hope the guys can overcome the curse of "I think _____ (in this case, Chad Billingsley) is cute, so they are going to hammer my ‘Stros to spite me".


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    I did a little research about the long-shot of an Astros comeback for the 2007 central division pennant. Here are three September comebacks that were deeper holes than the Astros are in. What do you think?
    1951 Giants, 13 games back on Aug 12

    1964 Cardinals, 11 games back on July 9

    1973 Mets, 12.5 games back on July 8

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